What, pressure from the UN to override the right to local self governance?

This was intended as an open letter to Sheriff Royal from me, Jedediah Biagi, from my perspective of a small business owner, active in church in The Penn Valley LDS Ward, Occupy Nevada County, The Nevada County Tea Party, The Peace Center in Nevada City, CABPRO (California Business and Property Owners), ASA-NC (American’s for Safe Access), The Local Food Freedom Movement, Nevada County Libertarian Party, MTA-NC (Move To Amend), Public Banking Institute, and as a 2014 future candidate for Board of Supervisors for District 4.

Sheriff Royal,

As per our conversation  May 28th in the echoing halls of the Rood Center, after the BOS meeting where a group of Medical Marijuana defenders were concerned about a Federal Eradication Grant you were applying for.  You said the most interesting thing before you got rushed to a media interview, so I didn’t get to respond.  But I’ll lead in with your (rough) quote as you left.  You were speaking In reference to marijuana, you said,” You know now, the DEA is in a little bit of hot water because of some international treaties or something.”

Amazingly you’re speaking to a unifying issue of all of the above groups and a whole lot more I’m not active in (I’m not speaking for any of these groups, just me) and so to explain (and perhaps also to all these groups where I see them unified), here’s my response:

“Yes, after Colorado and Washington decriminalized and regulated Marijuana the DEA has been put under pressure from the International Narcotics Control Board, a U.N. agency, calling on federal officials to act to “ensure full compliance with the international drug control treaties on its entire territory.”  What, pressure from the UN trickling down to override local ordinances and the right to local self governance?

Yes and that’s the Nexus (or shared meeting point) of all of these groups – the right to local self-governance.  Today that right is being threatened by Strong Central Governments, the Federal Reserve and a Global Banking system, and International Corporations using Corporate Personhood and international Trade Agreements, like the in-the-works TPP (Trans pacific partnership)

Occupy Nevada County – Was an awakening of local people that saw that if the problems out there are going to be solved – they should be solved at a local level first.  Other concerns were the Patriot Act, NDAA, The Federal Reserve, ALEC, Foreclosure and Wall St. Banking.  All of these things are powerful outside interests who are not concerned with our right to local self governance.

Peace Center in Nevada City – we all want peace and especially locally – so how are they affected – I’ll start with “No Child Left Behind” only within in the last few years has the peace center had access to the high school kids to offer them alternatives to the strong influence of the recruiters.  “No Child Left Behind” is a Federal Mandate.  Another one of their topics is Drone warfare.  Well, they know drones are coming to our county – for surveillance, monitoring, code compliance… We need a strong local government to say no to drones spying on us.

Nevada County Tea Party – are also concerned about “no child left behind” and standardized testing and are highly concerned with constitutionally defined jurisdictional rights and don’t want to see them eroded.  By Jurisdictional rights I mean; defined federal authority, and then the rights of state, county, and city jurisdictions.  They’re also concerned with corporatocracy or the collusion of big government with big business.

CABPRO (California Business and Property Owners) these folk hate (and I mean it) Monsanto. They are totally against GMO and are the primary driver behind the “Local Food Freedom” movement, or “the right to grow and sell your own food to your neighbors and friends” without a “swat raid” visit from the Federal Government.  They strongly support the local organic farmer, raw milk movement, and farmer markets.  They’re Pro “small farm” and “small business” – if a Walmart or Target were to try to come in our county, they’d be the first to fight it.

ASA (American’s for Safe Access) – Share almost identical goals of the Local Food Freedom group – and also share the fear of federal raids.

MTA-NC (Move To Amend) is concerned with corporations using our constitutionally defined rights intended for individual citizens for their benefits.  Corporations can use these rights to overturn the will of the people locally.

Public Banking Institute – Public banking can free us from the debt slavery of Wall St Banking.  Even the concept of having a Nevada County public bank is just another thing under threat from International Trade agreements and global banking institutions trying to maintain their debt stranglehold over communities particularly through international trade agreements.

I don’t participate in the “left/right” politics game. This political game is intended to focus on the divide between us, focusing on that divide gives us the perception it’s a chasm. This is why I really like the County jurisdictional level where it’s not a partisan race.   Working with all these groups I have found the perceived divide between us is very small, in reality were just an arm’s reach away (hello neighbor), but this divide is being used to break down our right to local self governance, if we focus on the right to self-governance, then the defense of our community will be united to those outside forces.

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