TPP the Framework for a One-World Fascist Government

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an international trade agreement secretly being negotiated behind the backs of congress and the American people.  It threatens to undermine the constitution by entrenching corporate power in virtually every area of our lives.

The TPP puts transnational corporations above the law of sovereign countries.  Three judges, selected from a pool of corporate lawyers, would preside over a tribunal with no avenue for appeal by the people. Their rulings would supersede the sovereignty of all jurisdictions, even the Supreme Court.  Transnational corporations are corporations with no loyalty to any home nation.  They are loyal only to profit, and are structured to launder profits from one country to the next using tax-free loopholes and with the aid of international banking cartels.  These “transnationals” give rise to huge merged conglomerates that reduce competition, eliminating any  free market, raising capital in one country only to quickly export profits, leaving every country in a deepening poverty cycle, exploiting all countries’ natural resources, limiting workers’ wages, eroding traditional cultures, and undermining national sovereignty. With the TPP our forefathers’ fight for the right to local self-governance would truly be history.

TPP is being pushed by the banking cartels around the world because it institutionalizes the policy of too-big-to-fail. It would prevent US regulators from re-separating commercial and investment banking. This leaves us vulnerable to the corrupting combination that enabled the toxic derivatives speculation that led to the 2008 financial collapse. Without that separation we are guaranteed to suffer a more devastating future collapse.  Also, the TPP will help Wall Street banks crush local credit unions by forcing them to raise lending rates.

Under TPP, Buy America and other buy-local preferences are banned.  Federal government, states, and municipalities would be required to allow any corporation operating in any signatory country be provided equal access as domestic firms to all government procurement contracts. The TPP would constrain how we may use our tax dollars in local construction projects and purchase of goods. It would also limit what specifications governments can require for goods and services and the qualifications for bidding companies.  Local and regional businesses would be on an uneven playing field with large transnational corporations that can take advantage of the TPP tribunal.

The TPP threatens local food security with language scripted by global-Ag including Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, Cargill, etc. allowing these corporations to sue in their global “pseudo-courts” governments (including local and state) that don’t want their patented GMO products. TPP would cancel our right to choose to buy food directly from farmers with their assurance it is free of pathogens, pesticides, antibiotic residues and excessive processing would. It means food created the old-fashioned way—from animals allowed to eat grass instead of feed made from genetically modified (GMO) grains.

Think the TPP corporate grab stops with the real world? Nope, it extends into the virtual world as well with backdoor measures that strip Internet users of their rights to privacy and free speech, and allows corporations to limit our access to information.  Are you an internet user?

If you don’t like Obamacare and greedy insurance companies, lookout, TPP gives these same insurance companies free reign to spread that system, guaranteeing increasing medical costs at even faster rates.

The light of day would be the death knell of TPP. That’s why corporate news hasn’t mentioned the TPP and why the transnational corporations have been negotiating with various countries in secret and want to re-institute Fast Track.  Fast Track speeds trade agreements through congress with only a yea or nay vote with neither debate nor amendment allowed. This completely undermines our constitutional system of checks and balances. So we must demand that congress perform its duty and not re-activate Fast Track and vote no on the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

Hmmm, through the TPP we get global corporations, banking cartels, some world court “government” immune to the petitions and grievances of the people and refusing to acknowledge the right to local self-governance?  Sounds like the same nexus of events that originally united the American people under a common cause.  It is time again to throw off that yoke of oppression and rise up to say no to the TPP. Though TPP negotiations continue in secret, the vote to initiate Fast Track is still pending, so now is the time to make your voice heard.

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