Public Banking Conference 2013: Funding the New Economy

The Public Banking Conference 2013: Funding the New Economy is taking place in San Raphael California between June 2 and 4th. The conference is open to the public. Information can be found at:

How often do you get a chance to join with other creative minds in redesigning the banking systems of nations, in ways that would create new prosperity for millions and help to rebuild local economies?

This year, just once.

Join pioneering policy makers, civic leaders, banking entrepreneurs, innovators and ordinary citizens interested in learning about one of the most critical undertakings of our time: creating a truly prosperous, democratic and sustainable new economy.

We will explore one of the core foundations of successful economies around the world: a distributed network of public banks that operate in the public interest of each respective community.

The time has come to remake our failed private banking system and provide our communities with the affordable credit vital for economic development and broadly shared prosperity.

San Rafael, CA, June 2-4

Sunday — Public Banking Perspective and Background

Monday — Public Banking Policy and Issues

Tuesday — Public Banking Roadmap and Planning

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