Own Our Bank and Thrive!

A Public Bank, Nevada County’s Answer to Megabanks

The Nevada County chapter of the Public Banking Institute is putting on an educational “town hall” event May 9th, 6:30 to 9 PM at the Banner Grange, 12629 McCourtney, Grass Valley.

We encourage you to attend and learn the ins and outs of chartering our county and establishing our own county owned public bank.

Megabanks’ greed & fraud are draining our economy, making us poor, stealing our commons and bankrupting our children’s future.

By chartering Nevada County and establishing our own county owned public bank, we can create a firewall against the megabanks, expand our local self-governance and put our own county funds to good use creating a resilient local economy that provides good paying jobs for our citizens so our children have a future in the county we love and helps keep taxes down by increasing the county’s tax and fee revenues.

Event details here.

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