Nevada County Business Credit Needs Survey is online

You are invited to participate in the

Nevada County Business Credit Needs Survey

Main Street Forum NC and the Nevada County public bank working group see a county public bank as a better way to meet the economic needs of our community.

FDIC data (see chart above) shows that small business operations have been severely impacted by lack of credit since the start of the recession. A survey by the Washington state Chamber of Commerce shows that small businesses have had to delay or cancel expansion plans, lay off workers, forgo necessary investments and even been unable to acquire inventory as needed to meet sales demand. Nevada County CPA’s have confirmed that lack of credit has similarly impacted our local business community.

A public bank would partner with community banks to provide liquidity and credit needed by our local business community.

You can help us evaluate and present the case for such a bank by participating in our on-line survey of the credit needs and experiences of local businesses. The survey should only take about five minutes of your time.

Your information will remain confidential. However, if you provide an email address, you will receive an advance copy of the survey results.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your experience and business credit needs. To take the survey, please visit: strong> To take the survey on your smart phone or tablet, scan the QR code below with your barcode scanner.

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