Establishing a Nevada County Charter

In order to draft a citizen supported charter for Nevada County, input from Nevada County citizens is requested. There are two ways you can provide input to this process. We encourage you to do both:

1) Read through, consider and comment on the proposed elements of a Nevada County charter on this website (register on the website in order to comment):

Begin here by following each of these links to the proposed charter and its various elements, or by using the menu above.

i. Charter Preamble (Purpose and Justification)

ii. County Governance – Duties and responsibilities of county officials, election and selection, filling vacancies

iii. Bank Preamble (Purpose and Justification)

iv. Bank Mission Statement

v. Bank Governance

vi. Citizens Bill of Rights

vii. Stewardship of Commons, Resources

vii. Election System and Campaign Finance

2) Take part in our online survey where you can indicate whether or not you support the charter, the public bank or any other of the individual elements proposed for the charter as well as which text you prefer should there be multiple options. Click here to be taken to the online survey page.

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