Local Economic Liberty for Main Street group calls for Foreclosure Town Halls

Foreclosure has devastated thousands of Nevada County families in recent years and many of those foreclosures were fraudulent. This has affected us all by reducing the value of our property values, dragging down the economy and putting people out of work. For more information, see the Main Street Forum NC Foreclosure page .

Economic Liberty for Main Street (nicknamed ELM St) is the Occupy Nevada County working group focused on economic issues. ELMSt has focused primarily on establishing a county owned, public bank modeled on the Bank of North Dakota as one of the most effective vehicles for freeing ourselves from the big Wall Street banks and bringing prosperity to our community. County funds would be invested in our community instead of elsewhere or in speculation. For more information, see the Main Street Forum NC Public Bank page .

ELMSt is working to put on a Foreclosure Town Hall to present a powerful new tool the county can use to stop foreclosures, keep families in their homes, halt the theft by big banks, stabilize home values so our wealth doesn’t evaporate and bring prosperity to our community.

For information on the proposed Foreclosure Town Hall, click here.

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