Jedediah Biagi

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I am originally from Sacramento, but am now committed to Nevada County, raising my 4 children here with my wife Amy and recently running for County Supervisor.

Jedediah Biagi’s Bio

I have had a diverse career taking me through the tech industry, sales, small business management and starting a small business. My diverse background gives me a well-rounded perspective of the many avenues that make up an economy. I helped start and participate in Main Street Forum NC because of my passion for local empowerment and as part of my efforts to chip away at the barriers that divide our community. I see a great need for outreach and communication across party lines and I am one of the few people who are members of both Occupy Nevada County and the TEA Party Patriots of Nevada County (before rushing to judgment, both of which are quite different from the national movements you see on TV). I have spoken on such varying topics from Energy Independence to property rights and organic gardening to emergency community preparation, and have recently been a guest speaker at two events in Nevada City and a conference hosted by Chico State to present the history and impact of corporate personhood in our communities.

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