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Flyinglow/Rick Robins Bio

I am a resident of Nevada County California and a member of the Main Street Forum NC team/working group. My professional background encompasses decades (enough to make my hair start to go grey) of sales, marketing and management experience here and overseas, most recently in the photovoltaic solar installation industry. My perspective on economics and politics is shaped by that experience and also by living and working in Latin America for an extensive period and observing all the different shapes politics and economics took on in different countries over those years. As a result, I tend to find that the best approaches to issues are to work from the bottom up. If we make decisions that benefit the most people – whether it is employees, customers or citizens – ultimately, the results benefit everyone: companies (and their investors), communities, nations and the world as a whole.

I am putting energy into Main Street Forum NC because I think there are many challenges that affect us all regardless of our perspectives and that solutions can be found that we all can agree on if we dig into the problems together, particularly if we focus our efforts on local solutions.

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