Discussion Scheduled – The Foreclosure Crisis Hurts All of us in Nevada County

Our topic, “The Foreclosure Crisis Hurts All of us in Nevada County,” will be presented by Peter Galbraith and Sharon Delgado of the Foreclosure Defense Team of Occupy Nevada County (as seen on MSNBC). The group has been working with people going through foreclosure, holding public rallies, and strategizing about how to work with public officials to prevent unlawful foreclosures.

Foreclosure affects us all because it drags down our economy, depresses local property values and harms our friends and neighbors. Even worse, many foreclosures are actually fraudulent, so none of us can be sure we are safe from it. We should all get informed on and discuss what Peter and Sharon will be presenting:

  •     The extent of foreclosure in Nevada County
  •     The cost of foreclosure to the county, and to other homeowners
  •     Current banking practices and securitization including fraudulent records and the “dual track”
  •     What homeowners can do to protect themselves
  •     Existing legislation in the state of Nevada, and how it has affected their market
  •     The proposed “Homeowner Bill of Rights” by California’s Attorney General, Kamala Harris

Whether you are interested in hearing more, or have another opinion, please come join our discussion; we need a variety of perspectives. Enjoy what we are calling “socializing with a purpose!” on Tuesday, June 26th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Mountain Mike’s restaurant located at 151-D McKnight Way, Grass Valley – in the K-Mart center. We are encouraging people to sign up in advance, as space is limited.

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