Community activist groups invited to participate in Nevada County charter and public bank efforts

Economic Liberty for Main Street (ELMSt), an organization of local Nevada County residents interested in promoting the economy of Nevada County and economic welfare of its citizens, is educating county residents and businesses about the benefits of chartering our county and establishing a county owned public bank here in Nevada County, and conducting an online survey so they can communicate if they want the charter and bank.

Nevada County is not one of the 14 California charter counties. Becoming a charter county would give Nevada County valuable sovereignty and flexibility regarding important issues related to the health and economic welfare of its citizens. Several of these issues will be addressed within the proposed charter itself. These include:

  • Electing Supervisors if seat vacant (instead of Governor appointing)
  • Establishing a Public Bank to put Nevada County financial resources to work within the County, its mission (to include encouraging and supporting coop/employee owned businesses) and governance
  • A Citizens Bill of Rights
  • Stewardship of county commons and resources
  • Election system refinements (IRV & campaign finance limits)
  • No GMO cultivation in county
  • County shall give preference to local businesses in contracting
  • Defining the Nevada County governance structure (rather than that specified by the state)

ELMSt will be meeting the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:30 PM at Tomes (671 Maltman Drive #3, Grass Valley) to advance a Nevada County charter and public bank. We encourage groups interested in any of the above issues to participate in the meetings and give their input and support.

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