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The California Constitution recognizes two types of counties: general law counties and charter counties. General law counties adhere to state law, while charter counties have a limited degree of “home rule” authority. By chartering Nevada County, the Board of Supervisors will have significantly more discretion in the future to meet the needs of our citizens.

Specifically, becoming a charter county will enable Nevada County to establish a county owned public bank. This section presents that and other potential elements of a Nevada County Charter.

Empty Storefronts

As I am putting up posters advertising the May 9th public banking “Own Our Bank and Thrive!” event, it is striking to me how many empty storefronts we still have. In the McCourtney area it seems to be around 25%. … Continue reading

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Establishing a Nevada County Charter

In order to draft a citizen supported charter for Nevada County, input from Nevada County citizens is requested. There are two ways you can provide input to this process. We encourage you to do both: 1) Read through, consider and … Continue reading

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