Are you facing default, foreclosure, or eviction? Are you concerned about so many of your neighbors losing their homes?

We are community folks concerned about the rising number of foreclosures and evictions here in Nevada County.  Some of us have had personal experience of foreclosure in our families.  We have been researching all matters involving defaults, foreclosures, and evictions. We have discovered many improprieties by banks and loan servicers, and have begun reaching out to the community to prevent these injustices.   We do not offer financial assistance, but rather information and support so that we can join together and help each other.  Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Process Information – Foreclosures, Loan Modifications, Short Sales
  • Legal Rights – For home owners and renters
  • Common Pitfalls – Games banks commonly play, mistakes owners commonly make
  • Local Resources – Direction to local services, and referrals to reputable lawyers
  • Advocacy – Support for homeowners or tenants during foreclosure or eviction, which could include private or public action, based on the individual situation

If you are interested in our assistance, or if you are willing to join us in assisting people who are in danger of losing their homes, you can contact us by email at or, or by phone (530)265-5976.

Peter, Sharon, Jill, James, Pamela, Guari, and others

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