Agreement of Support

Agreement of Support: (follow link to view agreement)
An invitation to join the list of businesses that support Occupy Nevada County. (In pdf format, so you’ll need a pdf reader.)

To join the Agreement of Support, send an email to:

To view the list of businesses that have signed the Agreement of Support, follow this link (also in pdf format):
Occupy Nevada County Local Shoppers Guide

Occupy Nevada County has acknowledged “…the essential role that local businesses play in building an independent and sustainable economy…”

A goal of Occupy Nevada County is an independent and sustainably resilient economy and it is recognized that to have that, we must have strong independent local businesses.  Every good local business knows if it wants to exist in a community it must manufacture and provide goods and services that the community wants and values.  Occupy Nevada County also recognizes that just because a local business has incorporated that doesn’t mean it ignores its responsibilities to the community where it does business; the corporations that ignore their responsibilities to their community are the target of Occupy Nevada County.  As it turns out these corporations that shirk their responsibilities are the 1% of the corporate world.  For more facts about the 1% of the corporate world, follow this link.

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