4th of July Parade – Educate & Entertain Public About Corporate Personhood!

Nevada County Move to Amend (MTA) Local Coalition is in the planning stages for its ENTRY IN THE 4TH OF JULY PARADE which is in Nevada City this year!

Planning meetings will be Tuesdays 6/12, 6/26, at 5:00 PM at the Peace Center (216 Main St # B, Nevada City).

They are planning to have two “corporate persons” leading the way with informing the audience “Corporations aren’t people!” and then pointing to the group following “These are people!” Following the corporate persons will be a dancing and singing contingent with Amous Lou leading (hopefully) and at least 6-8 dancers, then other folks who don’t want to dance, walking & singing the Corporatocracy Song and passing out our new MTA Local Coalition “Occucards” being printed now. It is our hope to have the song recorded (by us) and amplified on some kind of rolling construct so the audience will be able to hear the core message throughout the parade walk. They welcome more ideas and participants!

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