Main Street Forum NC

The Main Street Forum NC™ is a free educational and social public service working primarily in  Nevada County, California. Its role is to facilitate events aimed at achieving the following objectives without endorsing the positions of its speakers or online contributors.

  • To educate ourselves about local issues affecting us
  • To find common ground through discussion, recognition, and understanding
  • To generate local, grass roots, do-it-yourself solutions
  • To inspire and support people in turning ideas into action
  • To use those actions to improve our community

Main Street Forum NC™ is a response to the disastrous economic and social conditions of our times. At the root of these problems are the powers who benefit from the status quo, and more importantly, the rest of us who have failed to put appropriate checks on those powers. The question we aim to address is, how can we as citizens — of this town, city, country, world — regain local control to check the abuses that have led to our current situation? …and is it possible to enjoy ourselves and make new friends in the process?

Main Street Forum NC™ will facilitate discussions of the issues and local solutions, both online and at local venues, and help coordinate putting actionable items into effect.

For general news and comments regarding Main Street Forum NC™ activities, visit our News page. Discussion Topic pages offer a summary and resources specific to that topic. News and comments specific to a topic can be found on the Topic Blog pages.

When you Register, you will be able to post comments to discussion topic pages and to topic blogs. Posts and comments on this website must be approved by a moderator before being posted. Main Street Forum NC™ will endeavor to fact check entries on this website or note those that cannot be confirmed. See About Us for more details.